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As this is my first blog for Era House, I find it fitting to write about what I love and also convey the Era House design vision.

My initial thought would be to say ‘combine old and new’ but that really wouldn’t do it justice. It’s just so darn hard to describe your deep love or passion in a few sentences as it’s very much a mish-mash of feelings that you need to put into words and even more (pleasantly) difficult, to portray in the form of interiors – be it a room, whole house or a public space.  It’s not only ‘old and new’ but also ‘classic pieces mixed with modern pieces’,  a combination of eras;  smooth mixed with textured, pattern on pattern or plain, variations of darks, lights and metallics – and then add some balance, topped off with a generous dash of personality.

Being in the infant stage of our journey, I’d like to show you some inspiration from people/sources who have executed this type of eclectic design so beautifully.  Sources who inspire me to be true to myself and not let the rules of others limit my abilities. These designs are very much free and individual which is exactly why I choose to give my customers open options when it comes to colour finish, fabric and bespoke sizes within our furniture range.

Feast your eyes and let me know which elements you love.

Vogue Living Image

Vogue Living Australia, Jan/Feb 2017 issue, beautifully illustrates the magic combination of classic (possibly 17/18th century architecture and mid-century retro/modern furniture & accessories.

How it’s done:  This design is easiest to create when sticking to 2 eras.  Adding more eras requires restraint and makes it difficult, though not impossible, to create a well-balanced eclectic interior.  If you do choose to add more than 2 eras, keep the feature lines of individual pieces similar and keep feature pieces to a minimum.



Ideal Home Image

Image published by Ideal Home Magazine, 14 March 2017 in an article about ‘how to use wall art for maximum impact’.

My eyes, of course, landed on the bright turquoise, classic Queen Anne style chairs used with a modern design table (admittedly, I don’t know who the designer is).

It’s not only the contrasting colours that makes this roomset unique, but more so the contrast in design eras of the furniture that really stands out.

Yatzer ImageArticle published by and written by Tina Komninou, 2009.   Subject:  Ayazpasa House in Istanbul.  Photo by Richard Powers.

The décor in this house consists of the ultimate mix of eras – it oozes the home owner’s personality and has a fantastic mix of design classics.

It works because the lines and delicate curves of its various components are perfectly copied and then balanced across the room.

Sure, there are elements that won’t be to everyone’s taste and there are things that someone else would have done differently but the point is that you don’t have to stick to a certain era or specific design to create something special and balanced. Your interior generally reflects your personal comfort zone and that’s what makes this eclectic design so unique.

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